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Latest News on Dividend and Preferred Stocks

Preferred Stocks and Baby Bonds Back to Old Highs

It has been a pretty incredible 2 years for income investors.  We have had 4 Fed Funds rate hikes from a low of 0-1/4% to the current rate of 1-1 1/4%.  2 years ago the 10 year treasury was at 2.2% before falling to 1.5% a year ago, then rising to 2.6% and subsequently drifting […]

Energy Share Price Destruction Continues

If you are like me you are watching the massive drubbings that shares in energy companies have been taking over the course of the last month as the price of a barrel of oil has fallen by about $10/barrel.  As you are watching the drubbing you are saying to yourself “which of these companies is […]

Fed Day is Here – Update 2:30 PM CDT Wednesday

While it seems everyone has forgotten about the Fed meeting today and tomorrow I am certain many are aware of it–just no one is talking much about it.  I guess that means that everyone is expecting a 1/4% hike in the Fed Funds rate. In fact the CME Fed Watch is showing that the odds […]

Reinsurance Company Maiden Holdings LTD Refinances Some Debt

Maiden Holdings LTD, a 30 year old reinsurance company, has sold a new issue of preferred stock with a coupon of 6.70%.  The company will use the proceeds to call their 8% baby bonds (NYSE:MHNB) which became callable on 3/27/2017. Once again income investors lose a fairly solid high yield issue. The new issue is […]

A Bevy of New Income Issues Being Sold

There has been lots of action in the new issue market in the last week, which means there are too many older, high yield issues being called out of circulation. Shopping mall real estate investment trust DDR Corporation (NYSE:DDR) has sold a 6.375% cumulative preferred stock.  This new issue will be used for general corporate […]

B Riley Notes Added Today – An Update

In an action we had written earlier in the week that we would take we were finally able to add the new B. Riley 7.5% Senior Notes (NASDAQ:RILYZ) to both short/medium duration portfolios.  While we paid $25.10, which was maybe a dime above what we could have paid if we had been a bit more patient, […]

2 Huge REIT Preferreds Issued

Late last week we had 2 new huge REIT preferred issues come to market.  Self-storage giant Public Storage (NYSE:PSA) sold 10 million shares with a meager 5.15% coupon, while diversified REIT Colony Northstar (NYSE:CLNS) sold a 12 million share issue.  As preferred stock offerings these are considered very large issues. PSA of course has many […]

Important Days Ahead

We have reached that time of the month where we will begin to get some important news which will determine the speed of future interest rate hikes in the weeks and months ahead. On Friday of this week we get the important employment situation report.  Estimates for job creation are for between 140,000 and 210,000 […]

Updating and Tweaking the Short/Medium Duration Portfolios

We have taken a closer look this weekend at the 2 short/medium duration portfolios and have determined that we have to make some moves this week.  Additionally we have updated the “yield to worst” (or “yield to maturity”)  of these models as most issues have moved past the “1st call date” (the date at which […]

Financial Services Firm B Riley Financial Sells a Nice Baby Bond

Financial services firm B Riley Financial (NASDAQ:RILY) has sold a new baby bond issue.  The issue has a coupon of 7.5% and a maturity date in 2027 which are terms that are very enticing to us. B Riley is a Los Angeles based financial services company that provides a full array of corporate finance, research, […]

Preferred Stock and Baby Bond Bargains Tough to Find

While preferred stocks and baby bonds sold off quite significantly a couple of months ago those bargains are now gone and the continuation of redemptions of higher yielding issues continue. On March 30th we wrote that the average preferred stock price which had hit a high of $26.25 and then proceeded to sell off to […]

Bargains, Bull Traps and Blood

Blood in the streets creates opportunity OR does it?  Maybe or maybe not.  Maybe a bull trap instead. It has been a rough week or two for many income issues out there.  Fortunately preferred stocks and baby bonds held rock steady with the average share moving just a nickel over the course of the last […]