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Canadian Income Issues



Below is a list of Canadian Income Securities.  Generally these are just those that trade on one of the U.S. Exchanges (OTC or NYSE).

Many of these issues were formerly Canadian Royalty Trusts which have essentially been phased out since 2011 because of a change in tax laws which took away the advantage of being a trust.  Of course many, many issues are energy issues as you would expect out the Canadian markets.

It has been our experience that Canadian issues can be quite volatile--but over the long term can be reasonably profitable.  Our suggestion is that one buy a 'basket' of Canadian issues verus just 1 or 2 issues--it will help to flatten out the large jumps (and falls) of individual issues.

This list is not meant to be all inclusive--we generally limit issues below to issues having at least a 3% distribution.

The dividends shown in the grid below are in U.S. Dollars.  While they announce and report dividends in Canadian Dollars we have applied a formula to convert it to USD.



A click on the ticker symbol will take you to the company website.