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Preferred Stock and Baby Bond Bargains Tough to Find

While preferred stocks and baby bonds sold off quite significantly a couple of months ago those bargains are now gone and the continuation of redemptions of higher yielding issues continue. On March 30th we wrote that the average preferred stock price which had hit a high of $26.25 and then proceeded to sell off to […]

Bargains, Bull Traps and Blood

Blood in the streets creates opportunity OR does it?  Maybe or maybe not.  Maybe a bull trap instead. It has been a rough week or two for many income issues out there.  Fortunately preferred stocks and baby bonds held rock steady with the average share moving just a nickel over the course of the last […]

Added Gaslog Partners to the Blended Income Portfolio

As we had noted last week when we published details on the Gaslog Partners LP (NYSE:GLOP) new fixed to floating rate preferred we planned to purchase shares in the issue.  On 5/10/2017 we purchased what to us is a full position of 500 shares of the issue at $24.97/share.  The issue is still listed on […]

Looking Ahead to May Events

So here we are heading into May tomorrow and we wanted to take a quick look at the May “events” that could be critical drivers of income portfolios during the month. Starting on Tuesday, May 2nd, we have the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meeting.  Of course these meetings are always important, but this year […]