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2013 Model Portfolio (Liquidated)


                          Static Investment Grade Model   

                          Static Junk Grade Model 

This portfolio is liquidated as of 12/31/2013.  The ending performance will be incorrect as there were many issues that went 'ex dividend' in December in which the dividends are not shown as they are paid in January, 2014.

This is a diversified portfolio made up of only income producing securities (although some covered calls are written against holdings to generate extra income).

The model is just that - a model - not meant to be anyone's portfolio, but simply a potential portfolio.  We are trying to not trade this portfolio often, but currently it has been in the process of 'repositioning', to take advantage of higher current yields in many sectors of the income producing arena.  Unfortunately we have minimal amount of time to devote to a model that needs to be active--between our real portfolios, jobs and the balance of this website there isn't a free minute in the day.

The portfolio is composed of Preferred shares, Exchange Traded Debt, REITs, MLPs and CEF's and dividend paying common stocks.  From time to time it may contain a U.S. Royalty Trust issue, although we have had little luck with owning these.

This portfolio starts with a beginning balance of $517,945.49 which is a balance carried forward from previous portfolios.

Below we show the dividends received and those are added into the beginning balance.  This portfolio does not show drawdowns as there are no funds withdrawn from the portfolio.

We have a goal of a 7% return for 2013, but of course we do not expect to make that goal as income producing securities have been hit very hard this year.  We continue to march forward with the repositioning of the portfolio to take advantage of higher current yields.